TEEKA TIWARI – CANNABIS OIL: How CBD Becomes a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry – Part 1/2 | LR

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Teeka Tiwari is a former Wall Street trader turned cryptocurrency and cannabis industry expert.

At age 16 he moved from London to New York City with just $150 in his pocket. Two years later he became the youngest employee at investment bank Lehman Brothers. He later went on to launch a successful hedge fund.

Today he shows everyday investors how to grow their wealth safely through a range of financial newsletters

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/teekatiwari

Website: https://www.palmbeachgroup.com/team-members/teeka-tiwari/

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43 thoughts on “TEEKA TIWARI – CANNABIS OIL: How CBD Becomes a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry – Part 1/2 | LR

  1. Dam, i lost all my product to customs. Now i have nothing to invest. Anyone from Morocco here i'll buy you a "zodiac"… Wait, i just need to order it from California!
    (Disgruntled oppressed E-European here)

  2. As much as I love capitalism, earning money, etc…

    I have always thought of cannabis as being a natural medicine provided to us by Gaia. There are people that need it, and we shouldn't be charging them and taxing them on it.

    The cannabis industry has essentially turned into the same thing that big pharma has gone.

    Especially here in Canada. There's no room for the small guys to get into the industry either.

  3. I wonder why Teeka covers his head while visiting the grow lab, although he has absolutely no hairs whatsoever ?
    I think he‘d rather invest in hair products and / or use CBD oil for his scalp !
    Maybe it helps, who knows ?

  4. Сама идея рассказа о мультимиллиардере , отвлекает нас людей от реальных решений проблем, эквивалент успеха – богатство , это политика разрушения.

  5. I'm glad CBD is becoming mainstream for letting people know benefits but at same time angers me as cannabis is illegal to grow in UK. If you make your own supply of cannabis you can make the oil, without getting high (if you want) and alot cheaper

  6. When the UK roll out medical cannabis they will put crazy taxes on it, meaning those in the lower classes cannot get the help … instead they will leave the poor on the strong painkillers to keep them suppressed

  7. “America’s relationship with drugs is kinda strange” really, is that what U got out that. Smh. He just told U the government has destroyed countless lives.
    Thank U sir for making sure to mention Y this great country did what it did and Y it did what it’s doing.

  8. Its bs how for years poor minorities have been persecuted for selling a fucking plant…..now all these rich white men that have no records no felonies are making they way into something they never put in thier blood or thier homeboys blood, sweat, tears, in and they reap the benefits we will never get to see or feel, we just get to watch them get paid as we smoke thier products, with taxes and rules and regulations. None of these pple will ever be put in a live or die scenario, or have another drug king pin fuck thier shit up……such a shame that they will never know the real struggle of coming up in the dope game…..now it's just another type of way to lobby for the rich and greedy.

  9. What "You" found in cannabis…. like others haven't known this for years. Just another pagan satanic lucipherian claiming ownership for something that was already known and used for years. Just so that he can get and claim credit and gain in a monetary capitalistic way over the def and blind.

    I forgive you for your lies and deception. You will be forgiven child.

  10. Full-spectrum hemp oil is the best form of cbd with under the legal limit of thc or broad spectrum which is thc free. These have the entourage effect without have 1:1 cbd:thc which will most likely test positive for a drug test.

    Then there is an emulsion product which enhanced your cbd or hemp oil product. Micro emulsion or nano emulsion. These make your oil 1 million to 1 billion times smaller? Why?

    Because we are made of water and oil and water don’t mix. These sizes allow for a high absorption rate, nano being best with up to 10x absorption. In essence this means it’s 10x stronger or more efficient.

    Isolate CBD which is 99.99% cbd is less effective that full or broad spectrum hemp oil. It all has to do with that entourage effect but it still has its benefits has higher and more predictive doses. The only thing is what is a precise dose for you?

  11. It’s too early to claim that nobody died from CBD !
    We simply don’t know the long term effects of it.
    I remind you of US doctors in the 70s, who recommended their patients to smoke cigarettes for some beneficial effects !
    Besides that, Mr. Tiwari is not a medical or pharmaceutical scientist and as such is not entitled to talk about CBD’s effects!
    He sees everything through the prism of an investor !

  12. It's probably just a trendy now thing. In a few decades, tobacco will be back again. Just wait and see. Every truth is also a lie. People's opinions change with the wind. It can't be trusted, anything anyone say. In fifty years, everything now will be considered a joke and outdated by the next generation. They will do everything differently. And those who seem wise now are the fools of the future.

  13. Cryptocurrency was created by the NSA in America sounds to me like we have a guy who was conditioned Andy British intelligence just like the zika Berg the boy genius Princeton or Yale what university did he go to and he's not capable of writing a cold related to the internet but he's worth billions of dollars on Facebook 16 years old $150 and he's a prodigy of the British intelligence. And what did you do to help those in need. How many army trucks does he own. How many pieces of artillery does this man own but he shows his wealth in sports cars. And if he is one of these children of a foster care system what did he do to help those in London today British intelligence. Cryptocurrency to control the world. Why is cryptocurrency so expensive to be manufactured because it has a chip inside the cryptocurrency of the physical realm. Why did those who create the cryptocurrency the physical coin. Use smaller townships where they can acquire electricity. Why is it so expensive to create through electricity machines. How much gold does cryptocurrency actually have. You can trace cryptocurrency because it's made with an embedded chip. Just like a cell phone but it has three chips. Two of them that are embedded that can be tracked. cold or silver is the best cryptocurrency you have to lose electricity you have to use the internet. Gold and silver has been around for thousands and ten thousands of years.

  14. Perfect! Question answered. Female plant (source) I have secured in Canada through my doctor a clinic that sell the very 1:1 product . They suggested the .25 ml /per mg. !!!! Awesome! Thanks Brian

  15. For Christ sakes stop it with the moving camera angles. They are ridiculous and all they do is make you nauseous, and they take away from your message!

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