How to Use CBD Oil for RA, Lupus, Hashimotos MS & Chronic Inflammatory Disease | Natural Pain Relief

Are you dealing with painful autoimmune disorders like Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hashimotos and conditions like PCOS, Sjogrens as well as an assortment of inflammatory related disease. Dr. Melissa provides a clinical guide to CBD oil and cannabinoid therapy for relieving pain naturally. Find out how to combine topical cannabidiol and oral cbd oil for max pain relief.

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CBD Oil Benefits in Autoimmunity & Chronic Inflammation
Lowers Inflammation levels
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43 thoughts on “How to Use CBD Oil for RA, Lupus, Hashimotos MS & Chronic Inflammatory Disease | Natural Pain Relief

  1. hi I have sojgrens and was on hydroxy chloriquin for some time but I am currently not on anything.. But I have tried cbd 550mg and 750mg cbd but it doesn't seem to do anything.. I have neck and shoulder pain daily and lower back pain and nuropathy in my feet.( burning and freezing ).. also dealing with prostate cancer. I've tried some topical cream called charlotte's web hemp infused cream but that was a waste of money. Are there some people who do not get any relief from cbd that is noticeable to them so that they could justify the cost of cbd ??????-

  2. A prescribed steroid call prednesone has helped with my condition, CBD didn't work for me really, but everyone is different so I'd still try it, but don't bank on it being a miracle cure

  3. Hi Thanks for such valuable information. I have been emailing to schedule an appointment for the past few months. I have also checked my spam but no response. What is the best way to contact you to schedule an appointment?

  4. Could you please do a detailed video about hashimotos? And what other supplements you recommend for inflammation besides cbd oil? I listen to Isabella Wentz. But I like to see what other functional medicine doctors recommend.

  5. I have Lupus,Shourgens, RA, Osteo, Gout, Fibromyalgia. I use CBD 500 mg. 1 dropper ful a day. It helps, but does not relieve the pain. I am in a flair now. Have been for a while.

  6. I think it is key to note that if you have tried CBD before and it didn’t work that it not only that the dose may not be right for you but also that it could be the plant strain too. It took me a while to find the right one that worked for my body

  7. Hi Dr. Melissa. I'm a new subscriber and have learnt alot from you, thank you so much. I have PCOS and TPO levels are increasing even though my TSH levels are "in range". I have many symptoms of PCOS and I'm told I'm also at risk of having an underactive thyroid. I have weight gain, insomnia, hair loss too ? Can you do a video about how CBD oil can help individuals reach some kind of normalcy who have these issues, esp with hair loss, insomnia and weight gain. Thank you for being so transparent and informative. Love your videos!

  8. I have brain damage and many broken bones from a accident I had when I was 16, I'm now 57 and I have much pain everyday, and I would love to try this but its so expensive I can't afford much so that's where I'm at along with being disabled it's hard enough can you help????

  9. Does this interfere with pain meds? Would it hurt you or would you have any side effects taking a pain med with the oil or rub? Sometimes I am in such pain i have to resort to something stronger for pain and just want to make sure this would not cause any serious side effects. I watched another one of your videos on CBD and for the past month all I keep thinking about is trying it for my Hashimoto's and my daughter' s sensory processing. You answered the question about not testing positive for THC but my last concern is taking with a pain med. I am wits end and just want to feel better. Thank you for this video!

  10. I have RA I use CBD oil and it works for me. I also use the cream. It really works. Also watch your diet. I've less n less fatigue, my aches are less especially in morning

  11. ONe thing you need to explain more clearly to people is that canabidial IS CBD. You can confuse a lot of people by not explaining that to the average person. I am in the industry, so I know that but most normies dont.

  12. I have an inflamed rash on my face that I believe happens when my thyroid acts up….can I put the oil on my face? I use Ndt…..the doctors so far can’t figure out why I keep getting this rash. It appears out of nowhere…and takes about one week to cycle through. It is so bad that I need to take sick days from work. I need to figure it out because I just can’t not go to work. Any suggestions or ideas would be welcome.

  13. I have RA & was excited to try it for my symptoms but was told by a doctor that i couldn't take it because i take blood thinner & it would cause me to bleed out. I also have anxiety. Is this true of the rub on?

  14. Help please i need advice on hemp cbd I am wanting it to help me with my Anxiety. My doc told me I can take it to help me get of meds I am on. Can u guide me to where I need to go cuz I have heart reputations to were I can just be sitting watching tv and it starts. Can u guide in right direction. Also what is the difffer between hemp oil and hemp seed oil.?? I want the cbd oil .please help

  15. I have Sjogrens and my joint pain is managed pretty well with AIP diet. My 2 worst lingering symptoms are fatigue and dry eye. I wonder is cbd could decrease inflammation and help?

  16. Sorry for your problems. Nice you can predict & control your flairs. I am unable to do that. Dr. Byrd told me stress will cause me to go into a flair. I live in stress. I take care of my mother,& my son needs surgery. I did not name all my problems, but I know my problems are trivial compared to you and a lot of other people. I just wanted to know if I need to take more cbd to help control my pain so I can do what I have to every day.

  17. I have a Chiari Malformation with Syringomyelia. I just recently had my third surgery. I have a shunt and have lots of head pain with headaches. How many milligrams would you recommend? Or do you recommend the balm?

  18. I’ve been under chronic high stress.Probably high cortisol -inflammation-Lipedema .Can you give me your opinion on my condition.First time in my life that I have a ‘condition ‘.Hard to accept.I might as well get used to being diagnosed with conditions or disease since I’m in my 60’s.I will try to get this CBD.Thanks

  19. My spouse has RA, and we initially tried 1500 mg oil based CBD tincture with Orencia without results. We switched to 500 mg water soluble CDB, and within two days my spouses walking improved and the pain is manageable. I use CBD for emotional well-being, and the water soluble works for me. Water soluble contains less CBD, cost less, but works better for my family.

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