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  1. A vet wrote a comment that every time he goes to the VA, the doc asks him if he owns guns. He replies, I'm a former Vet and all my friends own ballistic nuclear submarines, then he asks to see the docs license.

  2. You were ahead of time on the west coast – 🙂 Thank you so much for showing us your special Ben – you educate us in so many wonderful ways. God Bless Your Family! Did you have a Go Fund Me? You could sure use one for meal delivery.

  3. Jess from roots and refuge says she sometimes has to live in the "grace of mostly". The statement gave me great comfort. There are times (never) when I can't be the perfect mother I want to be.Your story reminds me of when I was 5, I used to pray to God that I would never grow old like my grandmother or grow boobs. So glad God disregarded my requests. That little man's smile is precious.

  4. God picked you to be Baby Ben's mom because he knew you would be awesome! That's not to say it's always easy and you will grieve at different moments even as he is older, my son is on the autism spectrum so I know how it is. I wasn't raised a Christian but when I had my son and had to face that something was wrong with him I knew I could not do it without the Lord. I would not be as close to God as I am now if it weren't for my son. I was devastated when I had to face that he had autism. I had been married very young and divorced with a daughter, she was only still a toddler when we separated..and her father was horrible and not a good dad, he was a deadbeat..so when I met my current husband and married him it was supposed to be my time to have a good husband and I knew I wanted another child. So we got pregnant and our son has autism. So here I was I was devastated because my perfect dream of how I wanted it to be this time around was crushed. Anyway fast forward, we have been married 25 years. I won't lie and say it has been always easy having a son with special needs, and it hasn't always been easy on our marriage but also it has brought us closer than we ever could have been as a couple too because we love our son more than anything in this world. As a mom you will appreciate all the milestones Little Ben makes because they will be so much more special because it's harder for them to reach them than a child without a disability. You got this mom, just love him and everything else will fall into place. God bless you and your beautiful family. Have a great day. 🙂

  5. Oh my gosh, you made me cry so much. I, 100%, believe you were chosen for a time like this…as this world continues to devalue life, especially life that is not "perfect", you have the strength, fortitude and the platform to show otherwise…that there is perfection in imperfection, that all life is valuable and that God does not make mistakes. I am sure it will be hard, but you are Blessed in so many ways, with this special gift, with such a beautiful and loving family and you have all of us. We continue to pray for you all. Continued Blessings in Christ.

  6. Being Type A makes you feel like you have to do everything yourself because that's the only way things will be done "right". But if you can remember Proverbs 3:5-6 I think that will be of such help and encouragement to you. He tells us that we don't have to understand everything, but just trust in Him in everything, and He will direct our paths. Even though things may not be up to your usual standards at this moment in time, just let go and let God. He's got this. He's already promised you that He would never leave you nor forsake you. After going through things myself, I now understand the concept of "seasons" much better. It's not always fun or easy, but He gives us strength through His Word to get through the storms. You and Ben have done so well. Please be encouraged in your Spirit. We are all lifting you up in prayer. You are not alone. Now, in Jesus' name, be free to enjoy your children, your home, your husband, and your life.

  7. "What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and greif to bear…What a privilege to carry, everything to God in prayer" a lovely song that gets me through tough times, when I need to let go. God bless, take it to the lord in prayer!

  8. Maybe The Lord has added another branch to your ministry. You have a gift. Sometimes we feel weak, but He gives us strength to bare that gift to others. God bless, you are always a blessing to me. ?

  9. I ended up with arthritis real bad, in my spine, my joints etc. I was angry for a long time, thinking how unfair this is for me. I too have PTSD from trauma. I got saved in 2014 and nothing has opened my eyes more than reading God's word and understanding that maybe it WAS His plan to slow me down. I am type A and never sat still. I always hated being quiet, because I drift back to horrible. I find peace in letting Him have control. I still struggle with being quiet, but things are slowly getting better for me. God mightve slowed you down for other reasons. You'll be good for both baby Ben and his daddy. I believe in God's plan. I pray blessings over your family Melissa. I'm enjoying your channel.

  10. Geeze we are moving as well! God sure blessed us w a wonderful new home (new to us) oh my and the acreage is beautiful! He’s so good.
    Y’all are so wonderful and faith-filled♥️ thank you for the wonderful scripture one of my favorites. Prayers for Ben you hubs and family as well.

  11. The Lord definitely had plans for you Melissa. You will all find your way in his time. Just hang in there and always ask the Lord for help, in all things. Everything is going to be different for now and it's OK. I agree, grape jelly, yuck, IT WILL get better. lol Prays for all xo

  12. Oh darn I missed you live. We had company and I didn’t even get out my iPad . I always catch up later though. Little Ben is precious and you look like you are feeling so much better! Praise the Lord! Will continue to pray for your sweet beautiful family.

  13. Hello Mama, Yes natural is wonderful, but we sometimes have to make changes in order to keep going through our issues in life. You will get back to what ever is your ideal when you are able to do so. In the meantime remember that Hebrews chapter 4 tell us there is a "rest for the people of God. the writer goes on to say it is sometimes necessary to labor in order to enter into His Rest….Blessings Mama…..Rick and Sharon in Pa.

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