Hemp Cbd Oil

Honest Insight on Pros and Cons of Hemp CBD Oil

The pros of Hemp CBD Oil


100 percent pure and natural
CBD and other cannabinoid type products are all naturally occurring and not man-made compounds. We only promote pesticide or herbicide free products here on #hempcbdoilinfo. We read all feedback and reviews for products we promote.

A growing and documented range of positive benefits for people and their pets.
1 of the strongest positives about Hemp CBD is that it offers a staggering array of positive benefits that have growing testimonials. It is used both for oral and topical applications.

CBD is sometimes confused with THC, a volatile psychoactive substance that is found in cannabis products that are only available in legal dispensaries in the United States. But this is a fallacy as CBD oil and other CBD products must contain less than barely trace amounts of THC.


100 percent legal in the United States as of 2019.
CBD is 100 percent legal in all of America and its territories!


Staggering variety of applications and ways to consume it.
CBD can be used for a growing amount and dizzying array of possible uses and activities, some of which include topical oils, body creams, gel pens, nail polish, and gummie candies).


Suitable for pets
CBD is safe to give to adult dogs and cats of all ages. We suggest a CBD product with a CBD percentage of either 1.5 or 3% for your furbabies.

The cons

The products are still pricey
A real complaint about CBD products is that they’re hard on your wallet. All of the CBD partners on site contain only high quality organica ingredients and we have been told that all are made with complete diligence to pureness. And since all products are fair trade and anti slavery, the production process is labor-intensive and time-consuming, making them slightly costly in order to pay a living wage.

Many CBD offerings are falsely advertised and contain little real product.
Sadly there are currently many bad actors out there selling dangerous and poorly made CBD products. These could actually be robbing you of your health! Bascially gutter oil and bad product is offered to many newbies in the CBD world. We make sure to only offer vetted and researched products from the best producers.

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